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JDK Atomics Package

This episode talks about the java.util.concurrent.atomic package What are atomic operations and why do we need it? Example with volatile, synchronized and Atomics Atomic Internals Atomic Primitives, Array and Reference variants JDK 1.8 classes – LongAdder, LongAccumulator etc Usage of this API in JDK When not to use Atomics Links: JDK Atomics API Music: Paint[…]


In this episode, we talk about How VM changes the game and where does Docker shine? Docker under the hood….namespaces, cgroups and union fs Docker Architecture 3-Tier Application example for Docker Docker commands & commits Interacting with Storage Compose and Swarm API Libraries and more Music: Paint the Sky by Hans Atom


In this episode, we talk about What is Finagle and a 10000 ft overview of Finagle Part 1: Service Abstraction – Futures, Services, Servers/Clients and Filters Part 2: Codecs – What they are and which ones are supported OOTB? Part 3: Network Abstraction – Infrastructure for RPC Clients and Servers Netty and Server side advantages[…]