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We explore exciting and commonly used technologies and frameworks
This show is about frameworks, tools and technologies useful for a software professional.

Each month, we bring you a deeper understanding on a specific technology, what problems does it solve and how it compares to other technologies and solutions in the market.

  • Distributed Systems
  • Web Technologies
  • Microservices


We are software professionals keen to explore new technologies and spread the knowledge.
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Show Host
Rahul has several years of industry experience working as a lead for design and architecture of several low latency telecom carrier grade products and solutions. His current interests includes distributed systems that involve Microservices and its ecosystem to support it.
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Sathish Santhanam

Show Host
Sathish is an industry veteran and has worked in several leading companies in the Bay Area in various roles. His specializations include distributed computing, protocol stacks and various web development technologies. His interests are in the areas of Big-Data, Machine Learning and Algorithms.


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